Would you like to BE A PART OF SHAPING a new Chow Chow Food + Culture Festival in 2023?

We are seeking interested chefs, farmers, mixologists, makers, entrepreneurs, artists, performers, speakers, volunteers, sponsors, and community partners to help us envision and create this year’s programming.

So what’s new in 2023?

First, a refreshed and more inclusive festival name that comes with a return to a single weekend celebration in downtown Asheville. In addition, more live performances and demonstrations as well as a marketplace of makers and artists with a focus on more low- and no-cost options for attendees.

What excites us most? Engaging more deeply in the celebration of Southern Appalachian foodways through the four thematic pillars described below.



CULTIVATING: Explore the historical and modern ways in which we are cultivating community, collective agricultural sustainability, creative food & drink, and a resilient shared future.

PRESERVING: Journey with us as we trace the traditions and heritage of both old and new foodways and celebrate the intersecting diversity of cultures that connect us all through food and drink.

COLLABORATING: Honor a fiercely independent community of thinkers, creators, and doers through our rich history of cooperation, sharing, mutual respect, and learning from one another. Together we stand apart.

INNOVATING: Meet the makers, farmers, creators, thought-leaders and cutting-edge innovators who are developing new techniques and flavors for the modern Appalachian table, with an abiding respect to the rich regional heritage and people that came before.



Hungry to collaborate on our biggest and most exciting year yet? Complete the Participation Interest Form below!

PLEASE NOTE: this form is intended to gather ideas and interested parties and is not an application for participation nor can we guarantee we’ll use all of the ideas received.

Participation Interest Form 2023

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